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SEC News Brief: SEC Personnel Replace Light Poles at Local Ball Field


 Please see the attached photos and description below…

 LIGHTS, Camera, Play Ball!!

SEC linemen & operations personnel recently replaced several aging light poles at the Crewe-Burkeville Youth Recreation Association’s regional ball fields in Crewe.  As part of our ongoing efforts to support the communities we serve, SEC donated both the materials & labor necessary to complete the job, which included removing the old poles, installing new ones and transferring the existing facilities.  A big thanks to SEC personnel: Malcolm Adams, Donnell Taylor, Dennis Inge, Bobby Boelte, Cheston Bowlin & Ben Simmons.

 Image 1

Cheston Bowlin (top, left) & Donnell Taylor (lower, right) in dueling bucket trucks.

Image 2

Donnell Taylor (in bucket) hands a ball field light to Bobby Boelte (on ground) during the pole replacement process.

Image 3