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SEC Urges Members to Make Preparations for Approaching Winter Storm


CONTACT: Allan Sharrett
V.P., Public & Member Relations
(800) 552-2118, ext. 3211

SEC Members: The approaching winter storm will be a significant winter weather event. Please prepare for the possibility of a prolonged, multi-day outage restoration process. Making preparations now, ahead of the storm, is highly advised and encouraged.

High winds and accumulations of up to 1-2 feet of snow are expected across southern & central Virginia. These conditions are likely to contribute to widespread power outages, and will initially make restoration efforts challenging.

We urge members to gather emergency supplies now, including: flashlights, extra batteries, cash, fresh water, nonperishable food items, blankets, alternate heat sources and first aid supplies. Additionally, fill vehicles with gas and fully charge all mobile devices. Members with special medical needs should make the necessary arrangements, including seeking alternate lodging options.

To report an outage: 1-866-878-5514

SEC Outage Center:

Preparing for Power Outages and Natural Disasters 


☐ Self-powered Flashlights

☐ Candles

☐ Glowsticks

☐ Matches

☐ Lighter 

☐ First aid kit: bandages, gauze, tape, scissors, hydrogen peroxide, antiseptic ointment, pain relievers and prescription medications

☐ Batteries

☐ Self-powered radio

☐ Extra mobile phone car chargers 

☐ Water (a gallon per person per day)

☐ Coolers

☐ Ice

☐ Extra water bottles that can be used as ice packs

☐ Nonperishable food items

☐ Can opener 

☐ Trash bags, paper plates, flatware

☐ Water purifier bottles

☐ Warm clothes 

☐ Personal hygiene items: soap, toilet paper, plastic garbage bags, etc. 

☐ Copies of personal documents

☐ Emergency contact info

☐ Pocket money

☐ Fire extinguisher 

☐ Supplies for pets


☐ Camping Stove 

☐ Propane tank or charcoal

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