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Net Metering

Net metering is one way to measure and value the output of member-owned generation. At SEC, net metering is an arrangement between the Cooperative and a member. Net metering allows members to install renewable fuel generation on the member’s premises and interconnect it with the Cooperative’s distribution system. This arrangement is intended to allow the member to meet all, or part, of their electricity requirements by using renewable fuel generation on their premises. The meter logs kilowatt hours whenever the member uses more electricity than is generated by the renewable fuel generation equipment. Conversely, the meter credits kilowatt hours on the same meter when the meter generates electricity. The result is a month-ending meter reading that represents net use. 

If the member uses more electricity over the course of the billing period than they have generated, they pay only for the net energy that they have received from the system, plus any fixed monthly charges provided by the rate schedule.


For a more detailed description of state net metering policies and links to the authorizing legislation, see the DSIRE database, which is a project of the Interstate Renewable Energy Council funded by the U.S. DOE and managed by the North Carolina Solar Center.

Please call SEC to let us know if you are considering net metering in your home or business, to ensure that all requirements are met for interconnection. After purchase and installation of the renewable energy generation system, please complete the net metering interconnection form. Once filled out and turned in, we will contact you for follow up. An inspection appointment will be set to verify the system complies with the requirements for net metering.

In Virginia, the State Corporation Commission has regulations for governing net-energy metering in place.

Regulations Governing Net Energy Metering in Virginia 

System Net Energy Metering Capacity

Net Metering Rider

If you should have additional questions, please contact Scott Wallace @ 434-645-2513 or email