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Outage Texting

 To enroll, call a Member Services Representative at 1-800-552-2118.


If your mobile number is on your account, you already have access! You are ready to report outages via texting!


How to Report Outages via Text


Text outages to 866-878-5514 using specific text strings (below)


Note: This number is not monitored for comments or questions. This service is for automated reporting of outages only.


Please call 1-800-552-2118 to report any emergency situations or information regarding outages.


The following are text strings that you can send to the Outage Reporting Number.


  1. This reports an outage to the Outage Management System.
  2. You will be asked which address has the outage.
  3. You will choose the address that has the outage.
  4. You will be sent a text that confirms you have reported your outage.



  1. This will signal to the Outage Management System that you want a status update for your outage.
  2. You will receive a status update regarding your outage.



  1. You will receive a text that states Southside Electric Cooperative provides automated outage notifications and more information is available at 1-800-552-2118.



  1. This will opt out your mobile number from TextPower.



  1. This will opt your mobile number back into TextPower.


If you send any other message, you will receive a text to send #out to report an outage and #status to get a status update for your outage.


Here is an example of how to report an outage and get a status update:






You will get an automated response when your outage has been restored. Below, please find the help response and a response from a phrase that is not recognized: