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Schedule of Fees

Membership Fee - Initial Service Connection

$    5.00

Service Connection Fee and Transfer Fee

$   30.00  

Temporary Connection Fee Per Section VI.G Per Section VI.G. 
Meter Tampering Fee $ 150.00
Service Charge for Reading Meter-Special Trip Fee $   45.00

Reconnection charge to existing customers must be paid in the cooperative's office during normal working hours.

If the actual reconnection is performed during normal work day 9 AM - 3 PM,

     per Trip per Account



$   45.00

If the actual reconnection is performed from 3 PM - 9 PM on a normal work day or weekends or holidays,

     per Trip per Account



$ 150.00

Collection of Delinquent Accounts $   30.00
Returned Check Processing Fee $   25.00
Trouble call Outage on Customer's Equipment

Actual cost (minimum 2 hours)

Cooperative Read Meters of Individual Groups or Class of Meters $   15.00
Meter Testing Deposit - Single-phase meters $   30.00
Polyphase Meter Testing Fee $   80.00